About Us

Bob Harvey

Bob is well known in the bee pollination business. He has been a commercial migratory beekeeper in the crop pollination business for over 40 years. His goal is to provide strong Florida Bee Hives for blueberry growers in Maine and almond growers in Kern County CA and surrounding areas. Both farmers and beekeepers hold Bob in high regard due to his knowledge, integrity, and reliability. His goal is to deliver the best colonies available to increase the farmer's crop. Bob will start shipping hives to California January 21st, sending 3-5 trailer loads per night, making sure they arrive before the bloom. Mid May the bees are off again to pollinate the blueberries in Washington County Maine.


               Florida Bee Hives

Florida bee hives are perfect for the almond and blueberry growers looking for 12 frames of bees or better. The colonies are strong but still have  room to grow while working on the bloom. Because of Florida's tropical climate, the Spring pollen begins in late December increasing the amount of brood. The queen produces as much brood as the bees can cover and the hives double their population every three weeks.  Even 8 frame colonies completly fill out a double deep hive during the bloom due to lots of hatching bees.

California Almond Pollination

Bob makes sure the Florida bee hives arrive strong and ready to pollinate.  The frame feeders are filled just before shipping to prevent dehydration of unsealed brood during the 2-4 day trip to California and Maine. Experienced bee haulers are also key to the safe arrival of Florda bees. The almond and blueberry growers depend on healthy bees to increase their yield.  Also, a sprinkler hose is placed on top of each load to cool and hydrate the bees during their long ride. This added protection may save a load of Florida bees from over heating in case of any unexpected delays.

Maine Blueberry Pollination Services

The pollination services include a team of experts, tools and the latest technology to help get the job done more efficiently. All of the trucks are equipped with a GPS and dash mounted tablet with Google Earth maps. Also, all trucks have satellite tracking, so all the drivers know where the other team members are working in the orchard. This serves as night vision which helps organize the delivery and placement of bees. We move bees after sunset or on cold days so we don't loose any of the workforce.  Also, the equipment, trucks and loaders are maintained to assure the safe and scheduled delivery of Florida bee hives for both Maine Blueberry and California Almond Pollination!